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Coming-of-Age Ceremony Furisode Photography Kyoto
​ Before/after/on the day

This is a list of locations for shooting before and after coming-of-age ceremony in Kyoto.

On the day of the Coming-of-Age Ceremony, I think it is difficult to take a slow and busy commemorative photo.

Why don't you take a photo before and after the coming-of-age ceremony to commemorate your 20th birthday?

You can leave your 20-year-old memories firmly at your favorite place at your favorite time.

<Coming-of-age ceremony shooting location>

This is a location where we can shoot.

We are also very welcome to consult with you about "places where cherry blossoms are beautiful", "shooting spots where autumn leaves are beautiful", "locations where Kyoto-like scenery remains", etc.

1. Higashiyama area

If you wish to shoot in the Higashiyama area, you can choose from the following two locations.

recommendation! Gion Shirakawa Shooting only in the morning

・There is Yasaka KoshindoAround Yasaka Pagoda

Maruyama Park

log bridge

Keage Incline

ShirakawainAdditional 5,000 yen for shooting in the garden

・Okazaki hermitageFacility usage fee is required separately

2,Arashiyama area

In the case of Arashiyama, you can shoot at Togetsukyo Bridge and Arashiyama Park.

There are times when the bamboo grove cannot be photographed, so please inquire for details.


Town Inn Matsumura

If you want to shoot in traditional buildings and gardens in Kyoto, we recommend Machiyado Hakuyu.

Point: Designated as a historical design building by Kyoto City.

The building has continued since the Edo period and is over 200 years old.

It is possible to take pictures in a beautiful Kyomachiya.

​Machiya usage fee is also cheap for Kyoto city.

Facility usage fee: 15,000 yen separately

Access: 8-82 Kyomachi Kita, Fushimi Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture 612-8086

A 5-minute walk from Tanbabashi Station on the Kintetsu Line/Keihan Line


Cherry blossom season is recommended.

5.Kawazu cherry blossoms

Shooting is possible from the end of February to the middle of March.

Compared to Someiyoshino, the trees are lower and have more flowers, so they look great in photos.

The color is darker than Somei Yoshino.

6. Shrine

・Yoshida Shrine On the daySeparately, please pay 10,000 yen to the shrine office.

・Umenomiya Taisha Shrine

7. Western-style architecture

・Kyoto Prefectural Government Former Main Building Facility usage fee varies depending on the shooting location

・Pavilion Court Facility usage fee 44,000 yen

・ Former Komai Family Residence Facility usage fee is separate

For locations not listed above ​, it is possible to confirm filming permission.

<Additional location option>

5,000 yen per place

Gion Shirakawa andIn the case of shooting in two places such as the former main building of the Kyoto Prefectural Government, we will correspond as an option.

No optional fee is required for shooting at two locations in the Higashiyama area.

<Kyoto coming-of-age ceremony before and after shooting plan>

Furisode rental included, dressing and hair set included

Bring your furisode

For reservations and schedule availability,Inquiry formOr please contact us by phone.

​Phone: 090-8038-0033


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