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​Photo shoot in kimono
​Recommended shooting location

In Kyoto, we are shooting location photos including kimono rental.

This page lists recommended shooting locations.

We are familiar with shooting in Kyoto.

We can also introduce you to many places that are suitable for kimonos.

Recommended for couples sightseeing in Kyoto, Kyoto trips with friends, retirement celebrations, wedding anniversaries, birthday gifts, and other special occasions.

Participation by yourself is also very welcome.

<Kyoto kimono shooting location>

1. Kyoto Higashiyama area

If you would like to shoot in the Higashiyama area, please select two locations below.

Gion Shirakawa(shooting only in the morning)

Around Yasaka Pagoda

Maruyama Park

log bridge


2,Arashiyama area

In the case of Arashiyama, you can shoot at Togetsukyo Bridge and Arashiyama Park.

There are times when the bamboo grove cannot be photographed, so please inquire for details.


If you want to shoot in traditional buildings in Kyoto, we recommend Kyomachiya.

Kyomachiya is a wooden house built in Kyoto City before 1950.

There are several Kyoto townhouses that we can show you around, some of which are over 200 years old.

Facility usage fee 20,000 yen.

If you let us know, such as ``I want to take photos of cherry blossoms,'' ``I want to take photos of autumn leaves,'' or ``Kyoto-like scenery,'' we can suggest the most suitable location.

[Add shooting location]

15,000yen/per location

Overview and fees for kimono photography in Kyotohere

​Kimono photography in Osakahere

For reservations and schedule availability,Inquiry form


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