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Kyoto photo shoot in Kamogawa river


I am Yusuke, a photographer from Kansai Musubu Photo, who does location photography in Kyoto and other Kansai regions.

This time, I will write an article about Kamogawa.

Please read this if you are considering photo shoots in Kyoto.

Kyoto photo shoot

There are several places in Kyoto where location photography is permitted, including parks, temples, shrines, and Japanese gardens.

I'm sure there are some customers who are wondering, "Where on earth would I be most satisfied with taking pictures?"

This time, I would like to introduce Kamogawa area that I recommend.

-What is Kamogawa-

Kamogawa is a river that flows north-south through the center of Kyoto City.

The riverbed is maintained as Kamogawa Park.

The waterfront green space that stretches north and south is popular as a refreshing space within the city.

-Advantages of location photography in Kamogawa-

I would like to introduce shooting in this area.

1. The cherry blossoms are beautiful in spring, and the greenery is beautiful in summer.

The Kamogawa River in spring is beautiful.

Many cherry blossoms are planted in Kamogawa Park.

In the spring, cherry blossoms bloom, and when they fall, they become fresh green, and in the summer, you can take pictures of the vibrant greenery.

2. You can take your time taking photos even during the cherry blossom season.

The Kamogawa River flows long from north to south.

Therefore, it is almost never crowded.

3. Cherry blossoms have a long blooming period.

The Kamogawa River flows long from north to south.

Therefore, the blooming time of cherry blossoms differs in the north and south.

<Early flowering time> From Gojo to Shichijo

<Standard> Around Kojin Bridge, Kamogawa Delta, around Kitayama Ohashi Bridge, etc.

<Slow> Nakaragi No Michi

4. Photos that let you feel nature in the center of Kyoto.

It is also possible to photo shoot near the water.

-Notes on location photography in Kamogawa-

The Kamogawa River is wonderful, but we would like to inform you of some points that you should be aware of if you are considering photo shoot.

1. It is difficult to take pictures in the rain.

Since it is outdoors, it is difficult to take pictures in rainy weather.

2. Not recommended in winter

Many deciduous trees such as cherry blossoms and willows are planted here.

Therefore, in winter, when the leaves have fallen, it is not a great place to photo shoot.








Kamogawa has some precautions for photography.

If the content is not a problem for the customer, this is a shooting location that we can recommend.

-Kansai Musubu Photo shooting plan-

At our shop, you can photoshoot in Kamogawa with the following photo plans.

Let's enjoy taking photos together in the beautiful Kamogawa.

For reservations, please use the inquiry form below.

Thank you for reading until the end.

Posted date: May 1,2024

Last updated:May 1,2024

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