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Location photo in Kyomachiya


I am Yusuke Kawakami, a photographer from Kansai Musubu Photo, who does location photography in Kyoto and other Kansai regions.

This time, I will write an article about Kyomachiya.

Please read this if you are considering photo shoots in Kyoto.


There are several places in Kyoto where location photography is permitted, including parks, temples, shrines, and Japanese gardens.

I'm sure there are some customers who are wondering, "Where on earth would I be most satisfied with taking pictures?"

This time, I would like to introduce Kyomachiya that I recommend.

-What is Kyomachiya-

Kyomachiya refers to a townhouse built before 1950 in Kyoto City.

The site is characterized by its narrow frontage and long depth, giving it the nickname "eel bed."

Our shop allows photography at four of the Kyoto townhouses.

-Advantages of location photography at Kyomachiya-

1.The luxury of renting out a whole building for yourself

Kyoto is a popular tourist destination.

Many tourists visit Kyoto not only from Japan but also from overseas.

One of the charms of Kyoto is the beautiful scenery and traditional buildings that are carefully preserved.

There are many customers who would like to have a location shoot in the wonderful Kyoto.

However, when photoshoots in popular public places, you will have to compromise with tourists and other film crew members.

You can rent out one of the Kyoto townhouses affiliated with our shop to take photos.

Therefore, you can take photos without worrying about other tourists.

2. Old historic buildings from the Edo period

Some of the affiliated Kyoto townhouses have been designated as historic buildings by Kyoto City.

In the case of other Kyomachiya houses, some have been designated as important cultural properties of the country.

The historic building is perfect for photoshoots in kimono.

3. You can take pictures in the garden

Although not all of the Kyoto Machiyas we are affiliated with, there are some that allow you to take photos not only in the Japanese-style rooms of the building, but also in the courtyard.

-Points to note when photoshoots Kyomachiya-

Now, regarding the location shoot at a wonderful Kyomachiya, I would like to inform you of some points to keep in mind for customers who are considering the shoot.

1. There are few large Kyoto townhouses.

The Kyomachiya affiliated with our store are not large.

It's a small townhouse.

Suitable for photographing one person or several people.

Due to the size of the space, it is not suitable for shooting with 4 or more people.

2.Usually used as accommodation, gallery, or residence

The affiliated Kyomachiya is not a facility exclusively for photography.

Photography is not permitted in locations normally operating as lodging facilities if there are reservations for guests.

Photoshoots is allowed only after check-out and before check-in, and only if you are not staying for consecutive nights.

Some of the other affiliated Kyomachiya houses are also used as galleries.

Also, if you already have a reservation for an exhibition, etc., you will not be able to take pictures.

There is also a Kyomachiya that is used as a residence during peacetime.

Cannot be used if the owner has a plan. -Example-








Kyomachiya has some precautions for photography.

If the content is not a problem for the customer, this is a shooting location that we can recommend.

-Kansai Musubu Photo shooting plan-

At our shop, you can photoshoot in Kyomachiya with the following photo plans.

Let's enjoy taking photos together in the beautiful Kyomachiya.

For reservations, please use the inquiry form below.

Thank you for reading until the end.

Posted date: April 25, 2024

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