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Kyoto pre-wedding shoot,  photo wedding
​location photo plan

This is a pre-wedding shoot and photo wedding plan in Kyoto.

You can shoot in beautiful places unique to Kyoto, such as Gion Shirakawa, which is popular in Kyoto, and temples.

It is possible to shoot in a different outfit than the day of the wedding.

Photo-only weddings are also popular.

Photos of the two of you at your favorite place, at your favorite time.

This is a location photo plan in Kyoto.

We recommend a package plan that includes wedding kimono rental such as white kimono and colorful wedding kimono and photography.

A photographer will accompany the cameraman to take pre-wedding photo and wedding photo shoots.

You can shoot in beautiful places unique to Kyoto, such as the popular Gion Shirakawa and Higashiyama.

Unlike a photo studio, the background changes, so multiple shots are possible.

I will leave the important time of two people as a photograph.

<Pre-Wedding Photo:Kyoto Location Shooting Plan>

Each plan includes the following:

Costume rental + dressing + hair and make-up + accompanying location shooting by photographer and attendant + edited data

Wedding kimono rentals include white kimono or colorful kimono for the bride, and hakama for the groom.


[Kyoto pre-wedding photo shoot,wedding photo]1 piece of wedding kimono  1 location 120data plan 

220,000 yen 


[Kyoto pre-wedding photo shoot,wedding photo]1 piece of wedding  kimono 2 locations 200dataplan 

240,000 yen 

[Kyoto pre-wedding photo shoot,wedding photo]2 wedding kimonos 2 locations 200data plan

300,000 yen 


・ Bouquet 47,800 yen (tax included)

If you send us an image image in advance, we will make a stylish bouquet that is close to it.

・Short movie 1-2 minutes 78,000 yen (tax included)

・Movie 3 minutes to 4 minutes 98,000 yen (tax included)

The video will be taken and produced by adding one cameraman.

・Add shooting location

When adding a third location to a two-location shooting plan 55,000yen

・It is possible to order stylish albums with Nishijin textiles and Kyoto Karakami covers.

Album or mount pagehere

<Shooting location>

Shooting locationhere

Gion Shirakawa, Higashiyama, Arashiyama, temples and shrines that are popular on SNS such as Instagram,Japanese gardenYou can choose from etc.

Requests such as “I want to shoot in a popular place for cherry blossoms”, “Recommended spots for beautiful autumn leaves”, “I want to take a leisurely photo in a secret place”, and “I want a stylish building” are also possible.

<Flow from reservation to delivery>

1, inquiry

First of all, please inquire about the availability with the following contents.

・Preferred shooting date Reserve shooting date

・Preferred shooting location

・ Desired costume ( white kimono or colorful wedding kimono )

We will check the availability of dressing staff and hair and makeup staff.

Please allow a few days to check availability.

2. Reply

We will reply if it is possible to make a reservation.

If we can make a reservation, we will send you an image of the costume.Please let us know what you would like to wear on the day of the shoot.


by the specified date, of the location feePlease transfer the money.

4. On the day

Please come to the designated place.

Dress up and do hair and makeup.

When you're ready, start shooting.

Transportation to the location will be a taxi or location car, transportation costs are included in the plan.

5. End of shooting

6. Delivery

In the case of data only, we will deliver it by downloading from cloud storage.

Delivery time is about 20 days.

*Limited delivery to areas where google can be used

<Kansai Musubu Photo Recommended Point>

<Other shooting plans in Kyoto>

Kyoto Photo Shoot

This is a shooting plan in Kyoto.

This plan does not include kimono rental.


Payment method: Cash or credit card on the day of shooting (lump sum only)

Advance payment for location usage fee only

There is no refund of the location fee even in case of cancellation.

Shooting fee cancellation policy: After noon 4 days before No contact 100%

*Schedule change possible in case of rain

Reservations and inquiriesThe meeting isthis form.

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