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<Benefits of ordering an album>

​I think there are many customers who say, "I can see it on the computer screen, so all I need is the data!"

PC, smartphone or tablet​photo album is not needed in some cases.

However, data is not always suitable for showing photos to grandparents and close friends during New Year's and Obon holidays.

For example, when viewing on a smartphone screen, the photos may be small and difficult to see.

We recommend ordering an album for customers who are thinking of sharing their data with their loved ones..

It's also a great gift for your parents, grandpa and grandma.

<Nishijin Textile Album>

Kansai Musubu Photo carries albums with Nishijin textiles on the cover.

This is especially recommended for customers who are taking photos in kimono.

Nishijin-ori refers to the pre-dyed shibori textiles produced in the Nishijin region of Kyoto.

<How to order>

You can place your order from the time you book your photo shoot.

If you order before or on the day of the shoot, we will collect payment on the day of the shoot.

If you place an order after the shooting date, you can place the order by paying by bank transfer.

Please choose from the following options for selecting photos to include in your album or mount.

If you wish to select data yourself, please let us know the file number.

1. All selected by the customer

We will deliver the data in advance.

This method allows you to let us know the file number of the photo you want to include in the album.

For a 20-page album, approximately 35 pieces of data are selected.

2. The customer selects the required cuts, and we select the rest

This is a method where you let us know the file number of the photo you want to include in the album.

The rest will be laid out in a well-balanced manner at our store, taking into consideration the background and pose.

3. All data selected by our store

<Delivery date/Shipping>

Photo albums can also be shipped overseas.

It will take about 8 weeks from the customer's data selection to the delivery of the album and mount.

Shipping fee is required separately.


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