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​ Wedding photo shoot

This is the location for the wedding shoot in Kyoto.

Locations not listed on this page can also be negotiated for shooting.

You can also make requests such as "beautiful place with cherry blossoms" or "beautiful place with autumn leaves".

You can leave your memories firmly at your favorite time at your favorite place.

Other shooting locations



1. Oharano Shrine

It is a shrine with beautiful autumn leaves.

An old shrine that enshrines the deity of Kasuga Taisha Shrine in Nara, commonly known as Kasuga-san of Kyoto.

There are also omikuji and omamori with deer motifs.

Shooting fee 40,000 yen

2. Umenomiya Taisha Shrine

This shrine is known as the god of sake brewing, fertility, and safe childbirth.

It is a shrine with beautiful seasonal flowers such as autumn leaves and hydrangeas.

Shooting fee 15,000 yen

3. Yoshida Shrine 

It is worshiped as a god of good luck and warding off evil.

Shooting usage fee 30,000 yen

4. Gion Shirakawa

5. ZuishininShooting

This temple is located in Yamashina and is said to be the place where Ono no Komachi spent the rest of his life.

The fusuma painting “Gokusaiiro Umeoi Komachi Ezu” became a hot topic on SNS as a photo spot.

You can shoot well indoors, so you can rest assured even in the rain.

It is a recommended place for the season of fresh green when the green of the maple is beautiful and the season of autumn leaves.

Photography usage fee 35,000 yen

6. Bishamondo

A temple in Yamashina.

It is a place where fresh green and autumn leaves are beautiful.

You can shoot more slowly in the fresh green season than in autumn.

Photography usage fee 35,000 yen

Click here for the shooting plan in Kyoto​.

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