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Kimono bring-in
Location shoot


We accept location photos accompanied by photographers in Kyoto.

Location shooting is possible near Yasaka Pagoda in Higashiyama, Gion Shirakawa, Arashiyama, Kawazuzakura, Kyomachiya, etc.

Customers who have a kimono or who have a favorite kimono rental shopRecommended for

[Kyoto Kimono] Location shooting plan including dressing hair set

Komon: ¥37,800/person (tax included)

Homongi: ¥45,000 yen/person (tax included)

[What is included in the plan]

Dressing + hair set (for female customers only) + about 90minutes accompanied by a photographer + 60 files edited for color and brightness

[Things not included in the plan]

Transportation expenses to the shooting location / locationA separate usage fee is required.


[Kyoto Kimono] Location shooting plan only for photos

¥33,000 yen/group (tax included)

[What is included in the plan]

About 90minutes with a photographer + color and brightness edited 80 files.

[Things not included in the plan]

Transportation expenses to the shooting location / location separate usage fee is required.

<Flow of the day>

1. Make a reservationformfrom

Please fill out the form with the date, time and location where you would like the shoot to take place.

In the case of a plan that includes dressing and hair setting,We will check availability with the kimono rental store and guide you to a rental kimono store that you can use.

2. Departure for shooting

Once you're ready, we'll head out to the location shoot.

Shooting by a photographer takes 90 to 120 minutes.

Please select your desired shooting location below.

You may be able to photoshoot at locations not listed.

Gion Shirakawa

A kimono photoshoot in the popular Gion area and surrounding areas.

Limited to customers who come before 9:00.

Around Yasaka Pagoda

You can enjoy a kimono photoshoot in a typically Japanese setting.

Maruyama Park

You can photo shoot with the pond, autumn leaves, and cherry blossoms.

Facility usage fee +5,500 yen

Please apply at least 2 weeks before the shoot.


Facility usage fee +5,500 yen (Japanese Garden only)

Facility usage fee +40,000 yen (Japanese Garden and tatami room)

・​ Arashiyama

If you would like to shoot in a bamboo forest, please select Arashiyama.

Shooting at multiple locations is also available for an additional fee of 22,000 yen per 60 minutes.

In this case, an additional 40 files will be delivered per 60 minutes.

About the shooting location

There are places inside temples and shrines where we can photoshoot.

Please contact us for details.

3. End of shooting

When the shooting is over, this plan is over.

We will deliver ​edited files in about two weeks.

Delivery will be a method of downloading data from the URL.

<​Kansai Musubu Photo Photographer Yusuke Kawakami Recommended Points>


Data taken in the past

​Click here for gallery


List of shooting locations in Kyoto

There are plenty of shooting locations available 


Kyoto kimono rental included

​Photography plan


Early morning shooting is also possible.

​Option list


Photos taken in the past here

<Payment method>

Cash/credit card(batch)

We accept VISA, Master Card, American Express, and JCB.

Cancellation policy: 50% the day before   100% on the day/no contact

*Schedule change possible in case of rain

​Photography plan including kimono rental here

​Photoshoot only here


Availability of reservations and schedulesteeth,form

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