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​Kyoto kimono photo shoot
​Option fee


This is an optional fee for casual kimono photo shooting in Kyoto.

< Kyoto kimono photo shooting option fee>


​・Makeup 7,700 yen 

[Movie shooting]

・Short movie 90 seconds 79,000 yen

・Movie 3 minutes 98,000 yen 

The movie will be filmed by our partner Mr. Ueno.

[Upgrade to formal kimono]

Semi-ceremonial kimono (worn by women on formal visits) 18,800 yen (tax included)

・Hakama  for men 26,000 yen (tax included)

・Polyester long-sleeved kimono  22,000 yen (tax included)

・Silk long-sleeved kimono 48,800yen(tax included)

[Add shooting location]

15,000yen/per location

[Providing transportation]


Car movement.

From the kimono rental store to the shooting location and between the shooting locations.

Maximum number of users is 3.

[Early morning fee]

Time of arrival at the kimono rental store.

8:00-8:59  3,000yen/per person

​ [Album]

For more information on the ​ album,hereClick


For reservations and schedule availability,Inquiry form


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