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 Bring your furisode
Kobe coming-of-age ceremony ​ before/after
​location shooting

It is a coming-of-age ceremony business trip plan in Kobe.

On the day of the coming-of-age ceremony, I think it is difficult to take pictures slowly.

Why don't you take a photo before and after the coming-of-age ceremony to commemorate your 20th birthday?

You can leave your 20-year-old appearance at your favorite place and time.

Because it is a location shoot, the background changes rapidly, unlike a photo studio shoot.

​ The variety of photos is richer and recommended.

We have a shooting plan that includes dressing and hair setting and a shooting plan that only takes photos.


<Coming-of-age ceremony business trip shooting plan>

[Kobe] Coming-of-age ceremony before/after shootingFurisode carry-on plan

This is a photography plan for customers who bring in furisode.



2,Hair set

3.Accompanied location shooting by a professional photographer

4,Corrected 100 data delivery​


Flow of the day

Required time: about 4 hours

1. Contact us

Please contact us first.

Please let us know the desired date and time of shooting and the desired shooting location.

Contact usFrom here

2. Reply

We will check the availability of stores and locations for dressing and hair setting.

If there is space, we will send you an email with information about the meeting place.

3.On the day

Please come to the designated dressing shop.

Please bring a furisode.

Please do your own makeup.

​If you wish to have makeup done, we can accept it as an option.

If you would like makeup, please let us know when you make an inquiry.

4. Location shooting

Once you're ready, it's off to the location shoot!

The cameraman will accompany you for about 120 minutes.

Please leave the pose to the photographer.

​ We will happily shoot natural smiles and smooth faces.

​Also, if you wish, I will take several photos with your smartphone or mobile phone.

5. Data delivery

The delivery data will adjust the brightness and color of the face.

About 120 images will be delivered by downloading from the web in about 20 days from the shooting.


Basic charge 59,800 yen (tax included)

*Facility usage fee is required separately.

[Kobe] Coming-of-age ceremony On the day / Pre-shoot / Post-shoot only plan

This is a plan for location shooting and data delivery.

It is a plan to prepare in advance and let me shoot.

This is a plan for customers who only use photos.


1,Accompanied location shooting by a professional photographer

2,Delivery of corrected 100 data

​Basic fee 42,800 yen (tax included)

*Facility usage fee is required separately.


<​Kansai Musubu Photo Photographer Yusuke Kawakami Recommended Points>

1,With photo correction

Select data with good facial expressions.

Photo correction is applied to the selected data, such as the brightness and color of the face.

Retouching makes the data even more beautiful.

2,You can take pictures with your family

If you are accompanied by a family member such as your mother or father, you can take a family photo.

There is no additional charge for a commemorative photo with your family.

3,No extra charge for Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays

4,No charge during peak seasons such as cherry blossoms and autumn leaves

5.Simultaneous shooting by two people with sisters and friends is possible

10% discount for simultaneous shooting.

6,Taxi fare free campaign from the dressing shop to the shooting location!

We will cover the taxi fare from the kimono rental shop to the location.

This is a reservation campaign until the end of March 2023.

<Example of shooting location>

1. Sorakuen

Sorakuen is the only Japanese garden in the city park of Kobe.

It is a great filming location for the fresh greenery, autumn leaves, and azaleas of spring.

It is a popular place to shoot in kimono, so please make a reservation as soon as possible.

In the case of shooting here, an entrance fee for all members and a photographer's shooting fee of 900 yen are required separately.

2. Suma Rikyu Park

Suma Rikyu Park is recommended for shooting in the fresh green and autumn leaves.

There is also a Japanese-style room in the park, and you can use it by making a reservation and paying the usage fee in advance.

In the case of shooting here, an entrance fee for all members and a photographer's shooting fee of 900 yen are required separately.

3. Rhine House/Kitano area

​ Shooting is only on weekdays.

4. Harborland/Meriken Park


As an option, you can order an album with Nishijin textile or Kyo Karakami as the cover.

album pagehere


Photos taken in the pasthere


​cash or credit card​ (bulk only)

Cancellation policy: The day before ・  On the day ・No contact 100%

*Schedule change possible in case of rain

<Furisode rental plan>

The location photo plan including furisode rental in Kobe city ishere


Frequently Asked Questionshere

​ Introduction of photo staffhere


For reservations and schedule availability,Inquiry formOr please contact us by phone.

​Phone: 090-8038-0033


<Kansai Musubu Photo Reasons why photographer Yusuke Kawakami is chosen>



​Plan including furisode rental


Options such as video shooting 


​Photos taken in the past


​Frequently Asked Questions


Photos taken in the pasthere


We will send the URL to the email address you used when making your inquiry.

​We will deliver the product by downloading it from the link.

Usually delivered within 20 days

High season delivery within 1 month


​Cash/Credit card (lump only)

cancellation policy:

The day before/  On the day/No contact 100%

*Schedule can be changed in case of rain

For reservations and schedule availability,Inquiry formThank you for your understanding.

Frequently asked questionshere

​Phone: 090-8038-0033

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