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Coming-of-age ceremony Furisode photography
​ Before/after/on the day
​ gallery

This is a gallery of coming-of-age ceremony location photos in Kyoto and Osaka.

On the day of the Coming-of-Age Ceremony, I think it is difficult to take a slow and busy commemorative photo.

Why don't you take a photo before and after the coming-of-age ceremony to commemorate your 20th birthday?

You can leave your 20-year-old memories firmly at your favorite time at your favorite place.

<Kansai Musubu Photo photographer Yusuke Kawakami's special points>

1,With photo correction

Select data with good facial expressions.

Please leave the data selection to us.

After that, the carefully selected data is corrected for the brightness and color of the face using software called Photoshop.

Make your data more beautiful.

2,Kansai such as Kyoto and OsakaShooting in unique locations

Gion Shirakawa is registered as a business operator and can be photographed in the morning.

In addition, there are Kyomachiya houses that we have partnered with, so it is possible to shoot in locations unique to Kansai.

If there is a place you would like, we will check the shooting permission free of charge.

3.You can take pictures with your family

It is possible to incorporate a photo taken with your family in the delivery data.

There is no additional charge for a commemorative photo with your family.

Family costumes are available for rent.

4,Furisode rental plancan be!

In addition to the plan to bring your own furisode, there is also a plan that includes a furisode rental.

5.No extra charge for Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays

6,No charge during peak seasons such as cherry blossoms and autumn leaves

7​,Video recording is available as an option.the options arehere




We will deliver by downloading from the website.

Delivery date about 14 days

<Shooting plan>

Shooting plan pagehere



Cash/credit card (lump sum only)

We accept VISA, Master Card, American Express, and JCB.

Cancellation policy: The day before ・  On the day ・No contact 100%

*Schedule change possible in case of rain

In the case of a location where a facility usage fee is charged, please transfer only the facility usage fee by the designated date.

Also, there is no refund due to cancellation.

For reservations and schedule availability,Inquiry formOr please contact us by phone.

​Phone: 090-8038-0033

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