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We hold photo lessons in Kansai such as Osaka and Kyoto.

We also have a resume, so you can review it after taking the course. ​

If you have a request to hold it, we will hold it.

​ It is also possible to hold a one-on-one session, so it is recommended for customers looking for a photography class in Kansai.

​ Lecture photography course


<Current course>

1. “Are you going to release the shutter yet? ? Let's know the flow of shooting

There was order in the photo shoot! You don't need much "sense" or "skill" for photography. I will tell you the basic knowledge of photography for photographers.

[Background of course planning]

When I was new to photography, I subscribed to various books about cameras and photography to improve my photography skills.

However, all of them were fragmentary content such as "exposure", "composition", "landscape" and "portrait".

And even if I read it, I could only understand it as a point.

While working as a photographer, I learned that there is a shooting order for shooting.

By knowing the flow, we believe that you will be able to confirm the points you should focus on in the future.

[Before class]

・Even if I study various things on websites, photography classes, photo sessions, and textbooks about cameras, I can't improve my photography for some reason.

・ Looking for a camera class in Kansai such as Osaka and Kyoto

・Where should I start to improve in order to take a photo that will win a prize in a photo contest?

・Photography was self-styled until now

・I want to work on photography as a hobby for a long time, but I don't know where to start

[Contents: Learn basic knowledge of photography]

I will tell you the shooting order that I learned.

Specifically, you will learn shallowly and broadly the flow from how to set the main subject to retouching.

I hope this will give you an idea of what you should focus on in the future.

I also use camera terminology, but I would like to convey it in easy-to-understand words.

【Expected value】

・It is possible to learn the shooting order of the photographer as knowledge

・You can notice which points you should improve.

・By working on the improvement points, you will be able to take pictures that are close to your image.

・By making improvements, you will be able to win prizes in photo contests and take photos that look good on social media.

2. Step up from camera beginners! Course to challenge manual shooting

I will tell you the knowledge of the camera about manual shooting. By reviewing while looking at the resume, you will be able to shoot manually.

[Background of course planning]
While taking pictures with the camera, don't you feel like shooting in manual mode?
The current camera is very good, so you can shoot beautifully even if you take it in auto.
However, if you know the exposure and camera functions, you will be able to take a picture that suits you better.
I have designed this course to share my knowledge with you.

[Before class]

・I usually shoot in auto, but when I take pictures of people or flowers, the pictures are darker than I imagined.

・It will be difficult to shoot in manual mode

・I'm shooting a shrine or temple, but it's brighter than I thought.

・It's been half a year since I bought the camera, and it's time to start working on manual shooting.・I learned manual shooting by myself, but I want to verify if my method is correct

・The photo is blurry even though it is taken with the auto function.

・When shooting in dark places such as night scenes or illuminations, the photos will be grainy and dirty.

・Since you bought a camera, it's a waste to just shoot in auto mode.

[Contents: mastering the camera]

Focusing on lectures, you will learn exposure, camera functions, and manual shooting methods.

You can learn while operating your own camera, so I think you can understand more deeply.

We try to avoid difficult terms and logic as much as possible, and try to make explanations easy for beginners to understand.

【Expected value】

・You can learn the basic knowledge of exposure

・You will be able to shoot in manual mode by making use of the knowledge you have learned and reviewing it a little in your resume.

・By shooting in manual mode, you will be able to take photos that are closer to your image.

・Because you will be able to take pictures that are close to your imagination, you will have more fun with cameras and photography.

90 minutes for each course, resume included

5,980 yen (tax included)

​Transportation fee is required separately

​Osaka city; 500 yen

Kyoto City: 1,500 yen

Kobe City: 2,500 yen

Payment method: cash

Cancellation policy: 50% the day before   100% on the day/no contact

Portrait photography course where model photography is possiblehere

animal photography coursehere


​ If you make a request to hold the event, even one person can participate.

Application and schedule availabilityherefrom

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