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Portrait photography course


We offer portrait photography courses with models in the Kansai area (Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo).

Ideal for customers who are interested in model photo sessions and those who want to improve their portrait photography.

We have a model shoot! Enjoyable portrait photography course
[Background of course planning]
There are several points in portrait photography, such as how to use voices, how to use light, and camera position.
While conveying such points, I wanted you to learn portrait photography, so I planned it.
This is a course for camera beginners, but you can take it repeatedly.

In portrait photography, I think it is necessary to take a lot of pictures in order to brush up on the image and how to shoot.
While shooting, let's study together so that you can take pictures that are close to your image.

[Before class]
・ I want to take a beautiful picture of the model
・I went to a photo session, but I got flustered and only time passed.
・I want to be able to take good photos of my partner, lover, and friends
・I don't know what to say
・I want to go to a photo session, so I want to learn how to shoot first
・I want to take beautiful and nice pictures, but it doesn't go well
・Looking for photo classes and photo lessons in Kansai, such as Osaka, Kyoto, and Hyogo

[Contents: knowledge lecture and model photo shoot]
I will explain the points in portrait photography.
As an example, I will tell you how to use exposure and light.
After that, you will be asked to take a picture and learn how to take it.
There are many things that I notice when I actually take pictures, so I would like to set aside time for taking pictures.

【Expected value】
・You can enjoy shooting while gaining knowledge about how to take portraits.
・The content learned in this course can be applied to photography of partners, lovers, and friends.
・ It is possible to acquire basic knowledge of potre such as voice and camera position

[Participation benefits]
The following benefits are available for participants of this course.




Moriguchi City, Osaka Prefecture

Fee 8,800 yen (tax included) 

5 people

​ model costume: kimono

Flow of the day:

1. Self-introduction

2, Point lecture of shooting

3. Shooting practice (call out to each person)

1. Shooting using a tripod, box, or umbrella is basically prohibited.
Clip-on strobes are allowed.
2. Please bring your camera. The camera is assumed to be a digital SLR or a mirrorless single lens. Please prepare the charging and recording media.
3, please wear a mask during the enrollment.
4. Actions that the model dislikes, such as touching the skin, are prohibited.
5. Commercial use of the photos taken in this project is prohibited.
However, if it is within the scope of personal hobbies such as posting on SNS, there is no problem.
6. For portrait courses, the content varies depending on the schedule, such as whether or not there is a review.
Please check the flow of the day before applying.
7. We will refuse future reservations for customers who make negative remarks to models and other participants during and after the course, or take actions that are problematic in progress.
8. The content of this course is for camera beginners.
We do not tell about detailed contents such as strobe work.
9. The outdoor location may be canceled in case of rain.
If the weather is a concern, we will make a decision to proceed or cancel by around 15:00 the day before the event.

​For application,storekaIt is also possible from

For inquiries, please contacthere


Mr. saya

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