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​ Shichigosan shooting (shooting on the day / before)

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I'm doing a shichi-go-san shoot in Osaka Prefecture.

Preserve your child's precious moments as photographs.

In addition to shooting on the day of 753, pre-shooting is also possible.

Take photos of happy times with your family on location.


<Shichi-go-san shooting plan>

[Osaka] Seven-Five-Three Festival shooting on the day/pre-shooting


1. Up to 90 minutes accompanied by a professional cameraman for location shooting

2. Delivery of corrected 60 data

​Basic charge 23,800 yen (tax included)

* Depending on the location, facility usage fees andShichigosan prayer feeis required separately.

In addition, if the business trip destination is far away, a separate business trip fee may be required.


Reservation / flow of the day

1. Reservation

First of all, please make a reservation.

Please let us know the following information in the inquiry form.

・Plan name

・Preferred shooting date and time

・Preferred shooting location

At some shrines, only businesses affiliated with the shrine may be allowed to take pictures.

2. Reservation confirmation

If shooting is possible, the reservation will be confirmed.

​If the location requires a facility usage fee, please transfer only the facility usage fee in advance.

3.On the day of shooting

We will meet at your designated location.

A photographer will accompany you for about 90 minutes.

​Also, if you wish, I will take several photos with your smartphone or mobile phone.

4. After shooting

The delivery data will adjust the brightness and color of the face.

In about 20 days from the shooting, we will deliver about 60 images by downloading them from the web.


Please contact us if you need costume rental or dressing.

We will guide you to a kimono shop where you can rent a kimono online, arrange a dresser who can go to your home, and a set salon where you can wear it.

<Special points>

1,With photo correction

Select data with good facial expressions.

Please leave the data selection to us.

After that, the selected dataCorrects the brightness and color of the face.

2,OsakaFilming available at unique locations

A photographer working in Osaka will shoot.

You can shoot at a location unique to OsakaIs possible.

If there is a desired location, we will negotiate shooting for free.

3,You can take pictures with your family

There is no additional charge for family photos.

4,No holiday charge for Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays

5.No set price for peak season

<Example of shooting location>

In addition to the following locations, if there is a place where you would like to shoot, we will confirm permission to shoot.

1. Shinkoji Temple

We will shoot in the garden and Japanese-style room.

You can take pictures in a charter, so you can spend your time alone without worrying about your surroundings.

A separate facility usage fee is required.

2,Daisen Park Japanese Garden

This is a Japanese garden located in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture.

As this is a popular filming location, early reservations for autumn are recommended.

Facility usage fee of 7,700 yen is required separately.


It is a Japanese garden in Tennoji Park in Osaka.

It is also possible to take a picture with Harukas.

In addition to the entrance fee, a facility usage fee of 10,540 yen is required separately.

​Please apply at least 16 days before the shoot.

4,Osaka Castle Park

In addition to the entrance fee, a facility usage fee of 10,540 yen is required separately.

Please apply at least 16 days before the shoot.

Five,Former Fujita Residence Garden

A facility usage fee of 10,540 yen is required separately, and if the shooting is postponed due to a sudden illness of the child, the facility usage fee will not be refunded.

Please apply at least 16 days before the shoot.


Delivery by downloading from the website

Delivery date about 20 days


As an option, you can order a standard album or a Japanese-style album with Nishijin fabric on the cover.

album pagehereClick


Payment method: cash, credit card

We accept VISA, Master Card, American Express, and JCB.

Cancellation policy: 50% the day before   100% on the day/no contact

Reservation and schedule availabilityteeth,herefrom


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