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This is the location for the pre-Kyoto shoot.

Locations not listed on this page can also be negotiated for shooting.

You can also make requests such as "beautiful place with cherry blossoms" or "beautiful place with autumn leaves".

You can leave your memories firmly at your favorite time at your favorite place.



​Kansai location details


Kyoto and Osaka will be photographed by a particularly detailed photographer.

​ Please feel free to contact us for "shooting in a Japanese-style room", "secret spot for autumn leaves", "places with beautiful cherry blossoms", etc.


​Photo atmosphere

We aim to balance customer appeal and the goodness of the shooting location.

If you want to shoot in a Kansai-like location, we will make data of not only the customer but also the beauty of the location.

​We will shoot while adjusting the background blur.


​Photo Correction

​The data to be delivered has undergone photo correction.

​We will correct the brightness and color of the face and deliver the data.

​ Makes data more beautiful.


​Camera to shoot

​Use a camera with a full-size sensor

We will shoot with a camera equipped with a standard sensor called 35mm full size.

​This will result in clean data.


​delivery data

​I will not deliver when I close my eyes

We will carefully select the data with good poses and expressions from the data that we will shoot a lot and deliver it.

Avoid similar cuts as much as possible.


​Bouquet and boutonniere available

​We will create a bouquet that matches your image

Image​If you send us an image, we can make a fresh or dried bouquet for you.

Solid Japanese carving 11aa.jpg


​We also have albums that match Japanese clothing

Our store also has many kimono shoots.

In addition to standard albums, we also offer photo albums that match Japanese clothing, such as Nishijin textile albums.



​Couples, families and singles are all welcome!

​Let's all have a good time through photography

There is no additional charge for family photos such as pre-wedding shoots, pre-coming-of-age ceremony shoots, graduation ceremony shoots, etc..

​ Even if you come by yourself, the photographer will be there to cheer you up.


​Low price

​Reducing costs and providing customers with the best shooting services at low prices

Our shop keeps costs down in various ways, such as advertising costs and website production costs.

​By doing so, we are able to offer photography services at low prices.


​Photography accessories

​Photography accessories can be brought in

Feel free to bring your own props for photography.

We would appreciate it if you could consult with our shop in advance as there are restrictions on what you can bring in at some shooting locations.

Japanese umbrellas are available for free rental.


​ Dressing and hair and makeup

​Entrust dressing and hair/makeup to a professional

Dressing and hair and makeup are outsourced to professionals such as set salons and hair and makeup salons.

​Therefore, we can provide high quality service.


​There is a shooting plan that includes costume rental

​We offer plans that include dress rental and kimono rental

We have partnerships with multiple costume rental shops..

​Please let us know what you would like, such as a wedding dress, shiromuku, colored kimono, long-sleeved kimono, graduation hakama, etc.

For reservations and inquiries,this form

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