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​For corporations


For corporations

We accept business trip photography for corporate customers.

Prices vary depending on the content of the shoot.

Please contact us first.

It is also possible to coordinate shooting models.

If you let me know the image of the advertising material and the image of the model, I will select the model and visit with me on the day of the shoot.

<Shooting example>

・For posting on the clinic website

 Treatment photos, facility exterior, staff photography

・Company/office photography

Business office exterior, interior, representatives and executives

・Publicity materials for shopping centers and stores

・Image photo of lodging business such as hotels and ryokan

For posting on sales sites of retailers such as apparel

・For posting on the web of car dealers, car parts stores, etc.

For caregiver advertisement

·saron model

・Shooting for Mutual Aid Society members

Marriage agency member shooting

​Seminars and lectures

​Attending the interview

・Award Ceremony/Ceremony Shooting

​・Party shooting

Other industries are also available.


<Example of shooting menu>

・Business portrait

This is a photography menu for company representatives and executives.

Hair and makeup can also be arranged.

Business trip shooting in the Kansai region such as Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo and Nara prefectures

DVD delivery

(Corrected in Photoshop)

From 26,800 yen (tax included)

Travel expenses and hair and makeup travel expenses are required separately

・ Accompanying the interview

From 26,800 yen (tax included) Transportation expenses are required separately

For posting on website

From 48,000 yen (tax included) Transportation expenses are required separately

Payment can be made by invoice.

For inquiries and schedule availability,herefrom

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