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State of photography class

​ [Guidelines]

I will explain it in an easy-to-understand manner while looking at the example.

​We would like beginners who have just purchased a camera to take the course, so we would like to avoid using camera jargon as much as possible and use easy-to-understand and polite language.

​ [resume text]

All my photography courses, seminars, and photo sessions have resumes.

In other words, you can review ​ at home while looking at your resume.

​ By doing so, we would like you to acquire a solid knowledge of photography.

​ [Small items]

In some photography courses, there is time for taking pictures of small items.

As a result, "I understand! ] can be experienced.

Since Christmas is near, I am photographing poinsettias.


​ [Portrait photography course]

One of the popular portrait photography courses.

Let's all have fun using the camera as a tool!

Click here for details of ​ portrait photography course

​ Click here for inquiries and schedule availability

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