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​Frequently Asked Questions

<Location shooting>

1. I would like to make a reservation for a location shoot.

→ We leave it to the customer to decide.

Depending on the shooting plan, it is possible to set a backup date or postpone the shooting.

We may not be able to accept requests just before indoor shooting.

2. I would like to take a pre-shoot. Is it possible to share the pre-shoot instructions?

→ Pre-shoot instructions are available.

Please send the shooting instructions by e-mail.

In addition, please share the pre-shooting instructions 5 days before the shoot.

In addition, regarding the contents of the instruction sheet, it may not be possible to shoot due to the shooting location, weather, and equipment.

We do not accept the sharing of pre-shoot instructions on the day of the shoot.

3. Is it possible to bring shooting accessories?

→ In principle, it is possible.

Some locations, such as Gion Shirakawa, have restrictions on what you can bring in.

We recommend that you consult with us in advance about what to bring.

4. Is it possible for my family to wear a kimono when taking a picture before coming-of-age ceremony?

→In the case of Kyoto and Osaka, it is possible.

If you let us know the type of kimono you would like to wear at the time of application, we will inform you of the price.

5. In the case of shooting before the coming-of-age ceremony, is there a price setting for each furisode rental?

→Furisode provided by Kansai Musubu Photo is the same price except for some affiliated shops in Kyoto.

There is no additional charge for upgrading the furisode.

Please contact us for details.

6. In the case of the casual kimono photography plan, does the price change depending on the kimono?

→Regardless of which kimono (komon) we have available, the price is the same as agreed with our partner.

7. If we judge that you are a customer who will cause trouble for our store, the shooting location, or the costume store, we will refuse the request for shooting.

→ (example)

・If there is abusive language in the communication at the time of reservation

・Requests that exceed the limit

・When cancellations and schedule changes occur consecutively

・Direct contact from the customer to the shooting location

In order to prevent misunderstandings between photographers and locations, we do not allow customers to make reservations directly to the shooting location.

・​After arranging the kimono rental shop and location, we will send you a confirmation email, but if you do not receive a reply within the deadline.

8. In the case of shooting before and after the coming-of-age ceremony, can I take a walk with my family alone after the location shooting?

→It's okay. ​

Until the return time, you can enjoy sightseeing and have your loved ones look at your kimono.

9.Is there a parking lot at the shooting location?

→Please check it yourself.

This is because parking spaces cannot be guaranteed at the time of shooting.

10. Delivery area

→We deliver data in online storage.

Only areas where Google can be used can be delivered.

11. Delivery of raw data

→We do not deliver raw data.

Since raw data is not completed data, we do not support delivery as an option.

12. Definition of reservation confirmation

→After arranging the costume store and location, we will send you a confirmation email.

The reservation is confirmed when the customer replies to the email and the shop confirms the email.

We do not secure the schedule at the stage of inquiry.

13. Late

→As soon as you know that you will be late, please contact us by email or phone.

If the shooting content includes dressing or hair setting, it may not be possible to shoot.

In that case, we will treat it as a cancellation due to customer convenience and charge a prescribed cancellation fee.

​<Regarding redelivery>

Redelivery is available for a fee.

・If you do not download within the download deadline

・When data is deleted by mistake

・Breakdown of the device that stored the data, etc.

For re-delivery, 50% of the payment will be made by bank transfer and will be done when the transfer is confirmed.

In addition, the data is stored for one year from the shooting, and after that, it cannot be re-delivered.

<About the album>

1. Consignment

We outsource the production and shipping of some products such as Nishijin textile albums.

We will provide the image data to the subcontractor.

2. Create an album

Our data storage period is basically one year from the shooting date.

You can order the album during the period.

3. Can be shipped overseas

Overseas shipping is possible.

Shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.

​<About this website>

1,about the link

This website is link-free.

No permission or contact is required for linking.

2. Privacy Policy

Purpose of use of personal information

On this website, you may be asked to enter personal information such as your name and email address when making inquiries or commenting on articles.
The acquired personal information will be used to respond to inquiries and to contact you with necessary information by e-mail, etc., and will not be used for any other purpose.

About comments

We collect your IP address when you leave a comment on our blog.
This is a supported standard feature of the website and we do not use this IP address for anything other than spam and vandalism.


3. Disclaimer

We strive to provide as accurate information as possible regarding the contents and information of this website, but we do not guarantee accuracy or safety.

Information may be outdated.

Please note that we are not responsible for any damages caused by the content posted on this site.

4. Copyright

Unauthorized reproduction of texts and images posted on this website is prohibited.

This website is not intended to infringe copyrights or portrait rights.

If you have any problems with copyright or portrait rights, please contact us using the inquiry form.

We will respond quickly.

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